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The Red Dragon School Founded by Master Bernard Redfield, is the culmination of his over 35 years in Tang Soo Do (6th Dan Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan) and 20 years in Hapkido,(5th Dan World Traditional Hapkido) as well as his years under Sensei Vinent Ursone in Samurai Judo, training under Hock Hocheim in Force Necessary Combatives (Hand, Stick, Knife, Gun).

The Red Dragon School has taken the Tang Soo Do curriculum and blended the best parts of Hapkido, Judo, Juijitsu, and combatives arts to give his students a well rounded and street effective fighting system.  


Our classes offer training in the arts of Tang Soo Do and Hapkido, along with elements taken from various other martial arts Master Redfield has been exposed to, including Judo, Jujitsu, wrestling, and Kali. Our classes are for teens and adults.  Designed to challenge the student both physically and mentally, thru the use of goal setting and challenges that the student must overcome to advance. As well as mental and physical aspects which help to develop a well rounded individual who develops a sense of confidence, self respect and self control, as well as respect for those around him/her. Many have come to learn from teachers that their children have developed a new confidence that is reflected in better grades and performance in scholastic sports. Adult students as well have reported a new found confidence in their abilities as well as  weight loss, increased fitness, and overall mental health thru the study of Tang Soo Do & Hapkido.

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