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Chronological History of Tang Soo Do in the U.S.A.

I began cobbling this history together back in 1998-99 and launched Redfield's Tang Soo Do Page in 2000 with all I had discovered thanks to phone calls and e-mails to many understanding and patient Grand Masters and Masters much more senior than I. Then, as it tends to do, life got in the way. Now I have decided to pick up where I left off so I hope to begin to build upon and improve what we have here and deepen the information to help all Tang Soo Do practitioners gain a better grasp of the evolution of our art. This work has been used as a source for many over the years, and that is what it was meant for. Once again this page is under construction. Please feel free to e-mail any changes or additions, names of people I have not listed, leads to new information, etc. to my e-mail address:

Dale Drouilard becomes 1st American serviceman to achieve Dan(#757)

Mariano Estioko begins training in Tang Soo Do

Jhoon Rhee, begins teaching Tang Soo Do at San Marcos Southwest Texas State College.
Later changes name to Tae Soo Do then Tae Kwan Do
Mariano Estioko(#759) Becomes second American to achieve Black Belt in Tang Soo Do(Oct.), after his discharge he begins teaching TSD to a select few in Sacremento Ca

Returning servicemen begin opening TSD schools in U.S. including,
Robert Thompson(#1791) in Dayton Ohio(April)
Lawrence Seiberlich(#1815) in St.Paul Min.(April)
Dale Drouilard in Wyandotte,Michigan(August)
John Butterwick(#2277)Military(oct)
Robert Cheezic,(#2278) Waterbury, CT.(Oct)
C. Norris(#2819),Torrance Ca.(Oct)

Joe Weeks(#3596),Magnolia Ar. Oct
Lynn Jackson(#3597) Oberlin, Oho
James Ruston(#4130) Military
Russell Hanke(#4137)Detroit Mich.
James Cummings(#4493)Military
Robert Shipley(#4825), Honolulu Hi
all in October of that year

David J. Praim(#3593), Mt. Clemems,MI,
Robert Beaudoin (#5657) Waterbury CT. Oct
Jong Hyan Lee, comes to U.S. opens TSD school in San Diego Ca.
Lynn Jackson opens Ohio Moo Duk Kwan Martial Arts Center, Lorain Ohio

Ki Whang Kim comes to US(Washington D.C.) as Chairmen of TSDMDK in US appointed by KJN Whang Kee
David Prue earns Black Belt
Benjamin Burks 3rd Dan and Maynard Stanely 1st Dan open Jefferson Street School in Clifton Ohio
Sgt Finis Martin at Fort Hood starts TSD Club
Flex Nicholson opens Dayton Tang Soo Do Academy under the Tutelage of Sa Bom Robert Thompson(#1791) Dayton Ohio.
William Clingan recieves 1st Dan (#5845)Sept.

Master Shim Sang Kyu(#180) official rep.of TSDMDK in U.S.sponsered by Sa Bom Nim Hanke to come to U.S. to the Detroit area
Master Myung Kyu Kang comes to U.S. settles in the Sacremento CA area
Dale Tompkins achieves Black Belt

Dale Tompkins opens Tompkins Tang Soo Do Karate Association, later shortened to Tompkins Karate Association (TKA)
Andy Ahpo(#10187) recieves Dan in TSD
Victor Martinov(#10189)recieves Dan in TSD

Ahn Kyong Won comes to the the request of the University of Cincinnati and begins teaching Tang Soo Do
Master Jung Ha Lee came to teach in Detroit Mi. Master Lee was sponsored by David Praim, he then opened his own dojang in Clawson Michigan until he passed away from cancer in 1997.

Jae Chul Shin(#698)official rep TSDMDK Burlington N.J.
Jae Joon Kim(#38) official rep TSDMDK Detroit Mich
Edward Ormanian forms Korean Karate Academy in Allen Park(Detroit)Michigan
Daniel Nolan achieves Dan(#12923)
Howard Long (#12510) promoted to Dan rank instructor R. Thompson(#1791)

American Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation founded by Kwan Jhang Nim Jae Joon Kim in Detroit Michigan
Mr Dick Douglas recieves 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do under Chuck Norris
National Black Belt Karate Association founded by Mynard Stanley,Charles Emery,Ken Robinson,and others in Cincinnati,Ohio

David J. Praim earns Master Rank

Master William Clingan opens the Korean Karate Academy ( Master Clingans TSD Academy), Beale AFB, CA
David P. Praim, David E. Prue and Algene Caraulia form Karate Institute in Michigan, with the Ohio branches under Mr Caraulia.
James Saffold, acieves 1st Dan under JJ Kim , Detroit Mich
Howard Long(#12510)
Opens Trotwood Korean Karate Center(Ohio)

Song Ki Pak settles in US
KJN Byrne founds American TSD Association (Mass).
National Tang Soo Do Congress is formed by Chuck Norris disolves when Chuck Norris forms UFAF
Dennis Ichikawa recieves 1st dan under Chuck Norris
KJN Hwang Kee comes to U.S. holds National Directors Convention
Ki Yun Yi enters the United States and settles in Woodbury, NJ
Greg Bolliard recieves Dan rank (American TSDMDKF)
Dominick Giacobbe opens 1ST Tang Soo Karate Academy

Jong Hyan Lee founds "Tangsoology"
Charles Ferraro opens West Haven Academy of Karate schools
American Tang Soo Do Institute founded by Master David Schmitt, Dubuque IA
Carl Tate recieves Dan rank
Nov. Michael Baird earns Chodan Dan Bon 19507 under Master Hak See Kim

The Charter convention of the United States Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation was held on june 28, 1976 at the New York Hilton. Task Force members were as follows: Andy AhPo, Robert Beaudoin, Chuck Blackburn, Chung Tchang Bok, Ben Cortese, Charles DiPierro, Arthur Fountain(former hsband ofGrandMaster Kyun Ye Kim of cal.),Hwang Hyung Chul, Kim Chun Sik, Arthur Pryor, Shin Jae Chul, Robert Thompson, and Joe Weeks.
,Chuck Norris Forms Chuck Norris System, United Fighting Arts Federation(UFAF), Torrance Ca.

Master Chong Su Kim immigrates to U.S.A. on July16,1977,to York PA,
Fredrick Scott starts Amkor Karate Institutes
Thomas Wasylyk earns Bleckbelt TSDMDK dan bon 20566.

1978,Fred Weeks achieves Black-Belt under Chuck Norris
Tom Wasylyk opens Wasylyk Karate in Newfoundland, PA
Michael Shintaku Dan # 14463 Opens Seattle Tang Soo Do Association.
USTSDMDK relocates to Springfield N.J.

March 13th 1980, the following gentlemen, the late Lamont Turner, George Wharton, Walter Fagan, John Johnson, Michael Posey, Charles Emery, Joe Thompson, Kenneth Robinson and Bob Harris, incorporated the NBBKA.
Song Ki Pak founds United Tang Soo Do in Jacksonville Fla.
James Cummings(#4493) returns from sevice and founds Tang Soo Do Association in Texas
Carl Tate opens TSD school in Lawton OK. at Armed Services YMCA
Greg Bolliard recieves Master rank in Tang Soo Do( World MDKTSDFed)
Fred Weeks forms Allied Tang Soo Do Federation, Arkansas

Sung Duk Cho enters U.S. and opens school in Spartanburg SC
James Saffold, achieves Master Rank under JJ Kim
World Tang Soo Do Association founded by J.C. Shin in Phil. Pa.
Pak, Ho Sik comes to US to compete at International TSD Championships in N.J. joins USTSDMDK

Oriental Tang Soo Do Association founded by Y.U. Min in Camphill PA.

International TSD Fed. founded by C.S Kim(#915) in Monroeville Pa
Global TSD Association founded by Tong Mun Kim in Norcross Ga.
American Tang Soo Do Alliance formed by Dennis Ichikawa in Westlake, CA.
International Martial Arts Association founded by Grand Master Ki Yun Yi, Woodbury NJ

Western Pacific Tang Soo Do Association(formerly Sacramento TSD Assoc.) founded by Master Mariano Estioko,Sacramento, CA
Bernard Redfield begins training in Tang Soo Do

National Tang Soo Do Alliance founded by Dan Nolan, Dr. Cliff Johnson, Peggy Linch, John Hancock, Ed Gabler, Diane Gabler,(Aug)
Chong Su Kim founds Pan Am TSD York,Pa
United Martial Arts Federation, founded by brothers,GrandMaster Young Hyuk Kwan & GrandMaster Young Kuk Kwan
Mr Pat Johnson and Mr Dick Douglas leave Chuck Norris's UFAF, reform National Tang Soo Do Congress

Kwan Jhang Nim Jae Joon Kim relocates headquarters to Brandon Fl. and changes American Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation to World Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation
The All American Tang Soo Do Association formed by Master Micheal Driggers and Master William Clingan, Yubba City, CA

Chuck Norris System, United Fighting Arts Federation officially drops the Chuck Norris System name and changes name to United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF)
Michael Baird joins GM Jae Joon Kim’s Fed and is issued Dan Bon 14715.

American Tang Soo Do Karate Institute Board of Directors and Advisors made up of all ATKI blackbelts votes to allow ATKI to join World Tang Soo Do Association
North American Tang Soo Do Association(N.A.T.A.) founded by Master Oien
Dayton Tang Soo Do Association founded by Master Howard Long/ Dayton Ohio
Master Kwan Ho Chon enters U.S.

United Fighting Arts Federation Las Vagas Convention, adopts the name Chun Kuk Do asname of style and UFAF as organization name

Warrior-Scholar (Moo Sa) Forum begins on Compuserve/AOL
North American TSD Fed founded by Ron Tramontano/Boca Raton Fl.
Continental Tang Soo Do Federation founded by Jino Kim in Dublin, Ohio(Member of The World Tang Soo Do Union)
Grand Master Kwan Ho Chon forms the Asia Tang Soo Do Federation in Belle Vernon ,PA

International Tang Soo Do Federation USA founded by Master Frederick Scott(PA)

1994,Pak, Ho Sik leaves USSBDMDK
Master Carl Tate joins Korean TSDMDK Society

Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan founded by KJN Charles Ferraro in West Haven Ct.,Nov
Master Carl Tate recieves 7th Dan in TSD/TKD
Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation founded by KJN Pak, Ho Sik/Canoga Park, CA (Moo sa) website began
Tang Soo Do Masters Alliance founded by Masters Howard Daniels, Mark Laliberte, Ken Laliberte, Jeff Laliberte and Garth Charland in Watertown CT (Jan)
San Kil Tang Soo Do(The Mountain Path Way of the China Hand) founded by Master David L. Sgro in New London CT(May 30th)
Tom Wasylyk earns master rank from Grandmaster Kang Uk Lee on May 23, 1996 under Master Fred Scott in Aston, PA

Universal TSD Alliance founded by Darryl D Khalid.
Bernard Redfield earns Chodan

American Defensive Martial Arts Federation, President:Robert Laurence, Vic President:Joe Neeb
Steven Voelker founds Pyong Hwa Kunin Tang Soo Do Association,Old Saybrook,CT(Sept)
Master Carl Tate is appointed Michigan Director for the National TSD Federation
Western Tang Soo Do Federation is formed by Mr Dick Douglas(Nov.)

M.K. KIM opens M.K. Kim schools in N.C.
Jul 1999 - John Hancock founded the Mi Yong Kwan (American Dragons School) of Tang Soo Do as a way to identify his style from that of the United States Moo Duk Kwan Soo Bahk Do Federation.

Bo Kido Kwan Tang Soo Do Association founded by Donald Ray Boivin,Gladwin Michigan
U.S.Tang Soo Do Association formed by SaBum David Scro(San Kil TSD),Sabum Steven Voelker(Pyong Hwa Kunin), Sabum Garth Charland(TSD Masters Alliance),Sabum Mike Bogadanski(Bogadanski Martial Arts System) CT(March)
Master Carl Tate recieves 8th Dan TSD from National Tang Soo Do Federation,and is endorsed by the Korean Tang Soo Do Society
American Moo Duk Kwan Association, formed by Master Sherbaugh in Greenburg, PA
National Association of TKD changes name to the National Association of TKD and TSD (Sept 2000)
International Goodwill Tang Soo Do Association formed by David L. Sgro and Steve Voelker: (Oct 2000)

Master Greg Bolliard recieves 8th Dan rank Sept 29th from World MDKTSDFed
Grand Master Boliard forms MuSa Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation, MI (Oct,1st)
John Hancock became President of National Tang Soo Do Alliance having accepted the appointment from organization founder Dan Nolan. The National Tang Soo Do Alliance is a fraternal organization of TSD Black Belts whose mission is to provide information freely to all and give ex-patriated Dans and opportunity to advance their rank through evaluation without interference from or payment of regular moneis to a centralized organization.(Oct)

Feb 2002 the First Canada Tang Soo Do becomes the NGB for the American Tang Soo Do Association(GM Byrne) in Canada. under Master Carl Tate 8th Dan Black Belt ATA # 15072
Tang Soo Do Moo Do Kwan formed by Grand Master Ahpo
March 23, 2002,Master James Saffold, receives 8th Dan from Grand Master Jae Joon Kim
July 13th 2002, The creator of the Moo Duk Kwan, Kwan Jhang Nim Hwang Kee passed away, his son Master H.C. Hwang ascends to Kwan Jhang Nim of the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan

Michigan Tang Soo Do Group founder Master David Zacker changes the org. name to the Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Society.
In a show of brotherhood master John Hancock president of the International Tang Soo Do Alliance becomes a member of Master David A Zackers Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Society and Master David A Zacker founder of the Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Society joins and becomes a member of the International Tang Soo Do Alliance.
First ITSD Convention held in Charlotte, NC. Master Jon Plyler is elected 2nd President of International Tangsoodo Alliance.
July, After 20 years of being a member and master instructor of the Moo Duk Kwan, to better serve his members, Master Segarra resigned from the U.S. Soo Bahk Do federation. Adopting the name he’s used for his Warrior-Scholar Academy (Moo Sa Do Kwan) for over twenty two years, and the website by the same name for nineteen, he founded the Moo Sa Do Kwan Association™ (Warrior-Scholar Way Association™)
December 9, Grand Master James Saffold founds American Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation, Inc. in Michigan

Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association Celebrates 10yr Anniversary

International Tang Soo Do Alliance and Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Society, part ways to better follow their separate Ryu Pa.
A court decision awards the use of “Moo Duk Kwan” to the United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation.
World Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation, under the leadership of Grand Master Jae Joon Kim, becomes the World Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation.
MuSa Moo Duk Kwan Tang So Do Federation, under the leadership of Grand Master Greg Boliard, becomes the MuSa Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation.

January 9, 2007: Grand Master Jae Joon Kim passes away and is succeeded as Grand Master of the World Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation by his son, Saul M. Kim.
January 20th 2007, Bernard Redfield opens Redfield Martial Arts in Garner, North Carolina
May 10th 2007, Bernard Redfield, long time student of Master Joe Devita and Master John McGuiness achieves Master Belt in Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan.


Grand Master Lynn Jackson Retires after operating Ohio MDK Martial Arts Center from 1962 till 2009





Grand Master Charles Ferraro's Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan celebrates 20 year anniversay


Master Bernard Redfield forms Red Dragon School of Tang Soo Do & Hapkido with title of Headmaster






Bernard Geronimo Redfield

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